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We start the week off receiving consignments for our Thursday Interiors Auction. This is a great opportunity to meet with clients and take a look at their items. It’s exciting as you never know what is going to come through the doors. We receive a fantastic array of pieces that can vary from Georgian Antiques through to Taxidermy and Mid Century Furniture. This is the day that I also begin to think about the room layout for the week.

Tuesdays are generally our busiest day on the floor. Our fantastic team set up and arrange all the items for the upcoming viewing day and auction. This includes, styling, lotting, photographing, measuring and uploading onto the website. I’ll squeeze in a quick lunch break and catch up with my other colleagues and hear about what they have got in for their auctions.

On Wednesdays we are open for viewing! I love Wednesdays as I get an opportunity to go through our valuations and phone calls with clients and see familiar and new faces discovering treasures. If the weather permits, I’ll take a quick break and get some sun for a few minutes!

Auction day! Furniture & Interiors starts at 10am and we generally auction through till early afternoon. After the auction we work on post sales and collections. I’ll try and pop out at some point and grab a coffee at my favourite local Hobba.

On Friday’s we start consigning again for the following week as well as helping clients with their collections. It’s nice to chat with clients about their purchases and see what interesting pieces we have coming in for the following week. The working week usually ends with a  quiet night with my family and a nice glass of white wine!



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