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With a rise in the popularity of Japanese culture and minimalist interiors, woodblocks are fast becoming one of the most sort-after mediums when clients are seeking to adorn their walls.  The humble woodblock dates back to China and Egypt before the 4th Century and is the oldest print medium on record.

Also known as a relief print, woodblocks are essentially 2D images that have been carved out of a block of soft wood – leaving raised areas. With this large-scale stamp, ink is then rolled on, paper is applied (with pressure), resulting in the impressions from the blocks raised areas. For colour printing, multiple blocks are used as one for every colour. This process also applies to linocuts. This labour intensive method can be limiting to the artist as detail is hard to achieve and often results in an overcrowded and messy work, usually forcing the artist to stick with simplistic outlines, bold shapes, block colour and reserved colour pallets.

With such a complicated method and masterful technique, woodblocks are known for their simplistic scenes and low print runs, which have now become highly sort after for collectors.

The Prints & Multiples auction always has a diverse collection every quarter and include some of our favourite artist’s who produce woodblocks, such as Cressida Campbell, Ethleen Palmer, Aileen Brown, Thea Proctor and Dorrit Black.

We are currently consigning for our next Prints
and Multiples Auction in September and invite you
to a special Valuations Evening on the 25 of July 5pm-8pm.

Lucy Foster
Prints & Multiples Specialist
03 8825 5630


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