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The 22nd Report #10: ONE YEAR ON

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At about this time one year ago “the penny dropped” for me as an auctioneer when I realised I was significantly contributing to the value of ivory and rhino horn in the market place and consequently, the ongoing slaughter of endangered species.

In 2016, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, IFAW released a report titled Under the Hammer that identified the top 10 auction traders in ivory in Australia.

To my shame, Leonard Joel was measured as holding the number one position and that report prompted a profound change in our thinking and on our business.

Now, one year on, I am please to share that, on comparing our 2016 vs 2017 auction figures, there was no direct commercial impact on ceasing trade in these materials.

I sincerely hope that other auction houses will make it their new year’s resolution that they too, no longer need to trade in this material.

We will remain committed to this campaign in 2018 and look forward to updating you on our progress.

John Albrecht
Managing Director, Leonard Joel

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