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The 22nd Report #13

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The International Find for Animal Welfare (IFAW) recently presented the Australian parliament with a briefing, urging them to implement a legislative ban on the domestic commercial trade of ivory and rhinoceros horn in Australia.

Their briefing to parliament highlighted that ‘the world’s elephant and rhinoceros populations are at a tipping point. Currently, some populations are depleting so rapidly that a single animal can be the difference between extinction or species survival. African range states continue to call for global assistance to solve the poaching crisis. A future can only be assured for elephants and rhinoceros if every legal market across the world is shut down.’

Leonard Joel, and indeed many non-government organisations (both Australian and international) agree that governments should implement a legislative ban on the trade of ivory and rhinoceros horn products.

We hope that the recent parliament inquiry into whether regulations need to be legislated proves a step in the right direction and that others in the industry will adopt the same policy and position.

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