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How to care for your handbag




Handbags are one of those few luxury accessories that are an investment piece, which can be kept and used for many years. The recent increase of luxury items sold at auction houses worldwide indicates that the secondary market for these goods is thriving. However, it is important to note that the condition of your handbag will have significant impact on its future value. Follow the below everyday tips to keep your investment in the best shape possible.

1 – Use
Be careful when using your handbag, making sure that you do not place it on dirty or abrasive surfaces. Do not carry large or heavy objects in your handbag regularly as this can distort the leather and overall shape.

2 – Cleaning
Always clean your bag after use. Be sure to clean dust from the inside and gently wipe the exterior with an alcohol free wipe or a slightly damp cloth. For exotic or delicate leathers, dust the exterior lightly with a dry cloth. For any scratches, marks or stains, take your handbag to a professional cleaner and restorer.

3 – Storage
The storage of your handbag is imperative to maintaining condition. Firstly, always stuff the bag to maintain shape, particularly with structured handbags. I recommend using acid-free tissue paper to prevent interior damage. Once stuffed, place your handbag in a breathable dustcover. This prevents dust, stains and discolouration from artificial light.

Store your handbag in the original box, or sitting upright. Finally, never hang your bag on a hook as this can distort the shape.

4 –  Packaging
If possible, keep the original packaging, box, receipt and authenticity cards. Whilst boxes can often be large, keeping the box of your handbag is the best way to store it and can improve a re-sale value at a later date, as can the original receipt and authenticity paperwork.

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