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Every collection tells a story.

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Sonia Heitlinger

Over our almost 100 year history, Leonard Joel has been entrusted with some of the most interesting and important private collections in Australia.

In 2017, those collections included The Kozminsky Collection, The Thomas Vroom Collection of Aboriginal Art, The Decorative Arts Collection of the late James Fairfax AC and the 1909 Ashes Urn, part of The Monty Noble Collection of Cricketing Memorabilia.

Each one of these had in common a unique story, and it is these stories, which for me make the management of private collections so enjoyable. I believe, as does my team, that every collection, and the person or people who created it, should be celebrated.

I am delighted to announce several significant Private Collections to be offered at auction by Leonard Joel over the next few months. On 28 February we will present The Sonia Heitlinger Collection of Aboriginal Art. Sonia ran her own gallery and formed strong friendships with many of the artists she worked with, promoted and exhibited. This auction will feature 89 exceptional works of art from her collection, many of which she witnessed being created. Hers is a truly fascinating story, one that was captured on film by our in-house marketing and videography team recently. Look out for the video, which will be broadcast to our e-newsletter database soon.

In March, The Stock in Trade of  Capocchi Antiques will be presented at auction in situ at Capocchi in Armadale. We are delighted to offer over 750 items from this renowned and much-loved antique store, as well as a selection of pieces from the private collection of the Capocchi family, at auction on Sunday 18 March.

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2 thoughts on “Every collection tells a story.

Andrew Nielsen May 8, 2017

Can we stick to a format where you click on one thing in the email, and you are taken straight to a catalogue, please?

    Leonard Joel May 8, 2017

    Hi Andrew! We will definitely stick to that format of sending emails with links to the catalogues, in addition to this article-based auction-industry digital news platform.


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