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Book Launch


We are delighted to host the book launch of An Introduction To Pontormo, by Jonah Jones. Pontormo, rather like Caravaggio and Vivaldi, almost disappeared for a few hundred years and was revived through research done by Frederick Clapp, the first director of the Frick Museum in New York.  Jonah was curious about how and why so significant an artist had been overlooked. The thrust of his book is that the artist was the subject of rather downmarket treatment by one of his contemporaries, Georgio Vasari, who wrote The Lives of the Most Eminent Painters, Sculptors and Architects in 1550. Vasari was no slouch and is believed to have first coined the term “Renaissance” but some scholars have discovered that much of his biographical work has more fiction in it than fact.

Jonah will be introduced by Patrick McCaughey, former Director of the National Gallery of Victoria and John Albrecht, Managing Director of Leonard Joel, in Melbourne on Thursday 15 February, 6.30pm.

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