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Valuing is the core of our business and a key skill
for many of us who work at Leonard Joel. On any given day, we collectively provide hundreds of verbal and online market valuations to clients. I personally give a great deal of time and consideration in the methodology of valuing.

Valuations can come in many shapes and sizes and over the past twelve months, since the inception of the Valuations department, we have provided written market, insurance, probate, salvage, liquidation, family division, cultural gifts, expert witness opinions in legal disputes, estate planning and superannuation valuations. Each purpose and methodology requires careful consideration of how we apply the term value beyond its monetary worth. Each different type of these valuations would result in a different price being assigned to the same object.

I have had the privilege of visiting some of Melbourne’s finest homes as well as rummaging in dusty sheds and most recently valuing a jewellery collection in a fast food outlet! Some of the more bizarre items to be valued have included a ping-pong table, fossils, ancient artefacts, a teapot collection of 1000, a 15 x 6 metre train set and barbie dolls.

The life of a valuer is never dull and always varied.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this new department in the past year. Whether you need a written legal document or a quick verbal appraisal, speak to the professionals who know how to value.

Caroline Tickner
Head of Valuations
03 8825 5638

Join us for complimentary auction valuations, first Wednesday of every month, 5-8pm.

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