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This month, we sat down with Leonard Joel’s Head of Modern Design, Anna Grassham, and she shared with us some of her favourite things:

1. Favourite Maker / Artist
My favourite artist is Francesco Clemente. I never trained formally in art; I am simply drawn to colour and movement. To me his portraits are beautiful, full of symbolism and intrigue. I first discovered his work in the film Great Expectations, after which I became obsessed and purchased many of his art books. You sink into the portraits, and find yourself having long conversations with his familiar strangers.

As I work in Modern Design I have many favourite makers, more than I can write about in this short bio. But I do love Achille Castiglione for his humour, skill, and wonderful outlook on life.

2. Favourite Work of Art / Object / Jewel
I honestly don’t feel like you can have a favourite work of art! I could talk about the greats of the 19th and 20th century that we repeatedly see over and over again, but I’m more inspired by creative people; their ideas, values, what they do for work and their inspirations. For me it’s choosing the top 15 people in the world that I would love to invite to dinner, that’s a guest list I want to organise!

3.What’s Your Favourite Coffee / Wine?
I only drink coffee after a big meal, a short black to finish the night. I’m a tea drinker, probably 3-5 cups a day, depending on the day. I love a Pinot Gris in the summer, or a Chotes du Rhone if I’m drinking red. I socialise quite a lot, so I don’t conform to drinking rituals, for me it’s all about the company.

4.Your ideal day in Melbourne?
Shopping! Especially for vintage designer clothes. My favourites are dot.COMME Melbourne, Bruce, Recycle Boutique, and Shag. As for escaping, Cam’s bar behind the Abbotsford Convent is a favourite of mine. A spritz with my friends in the afternoon sun, trying to control my naughty bulldog, that’s heaven to me. I also love films, a lazy Sunday in Carlton at the Nova Cinema, and old school Italian food at Tiamo is perfect.

5. Favourite Book?
The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith. I first read it 12 years ago and fell in love with her language and courage.

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